Gravel Driveway Installation in Ozaukee County, WI

At Masterwork Construction, our gravel installers work hard to earn your business. We know you have your pick of gravel driveway contractors in the Ozaukee area. That’s why we go the distance to provide the best experience and value for each of our clients. We promise accurate quotes, timely service, and complete satisfaction with our team and the end results. Whether you’re interested in an estimate for gravel driveway installation, refurbishment, or expansion, we’re eager to help! Call us at 414-762-7000 or contact us online to find out how we can accommodate you.

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Gravel Driveway Installation Ozaukee County, WI

Compared to other surface materials like asphalt and concrete, gravel is far more cost-effective; especially for longer driveways. You have many gravel options and can choose the style that fits your home best. Installation is also quick. Finally, maintaining a gravel driveway is easy. When a problem occurs, call us for a quick and affordable repair.

Whether you want to install a new gravel driveway or you have an old gravel driveway that needs to be refurbished, repaired, or expanded, we hope you call our incredible gravel installers for your first or second quote. We want to be your go-to choice for gravel services and would love the opportunity to prove ourselves as the best choice for the job.

Parking Lots

Our gravel installation services are not limited to driveways. We have the resources to complete gravel parking lot installs and repairs in the timeliest manner. Contact us to get a quote on your needs and check out our services to see if we can help you with any other earthwork projects.

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What to Expect from Masterwork Construction

We’ve answered common questions about our gravel driveway services below to help you decide if Masterwork Construction is worth your time. We hope to hear from you for an estimate!

Installation Process

We specialize in gravel driveway installs and resurfacing, our process depends on whether there is an existing driveway or not. We can do asphalt and concrete removal as well.

For new driveways, we:

1. Strip the vegetation and topsoil
2. Excavate to a stable subgrade
3. Install a base coarse gravel
4. Install a top coat of gravel (top coats can be specialized to the project’s needs)

For existing gravel driveways, we:

1. Strip off the delirious materials (leaves, mud, garbage, etc.) to expose a stable aggregate base
2. Resurface depending on project needs (2-6” of new materials is typical for resurfacing gravel driveways)

Repair & Maintenance

When compared to other driveway materials (asphalt, concrete, pavers), gravel is the least expensive to maintain, resurface, and even reinstall. In turn, gravel driveways are also the least durable option due to their permeability. No granular driveway is forever, so repair and maintenance will be necessary. Potholes typically appear after the first year and will need to be filled. Fortunately, driveways installed and resurfaced by Masterwork Construction are always maintained by our team at a discounted rate.


We recommend resurfacing every 3-5 years. You can help your driveway last longer by putting less weight on it during periods of heavy ground saturation and being less aggressive when plowing your driveway in the winter. We also offer a dirty rap (reprocessed asphalt millings) that can last up to 10 years between maintenance periods.


There are many factors to consider when quoting a gravel installation job, including:

  • What is the driveway size
  • Is topsoil stripping / subgrade remediation necessary
  • Can spoils be stockpiled/used onsite
  • Cost of materials (primarily aggregates and fuel)
  • What is the distance between the project location and the quarry
  • What is the distance between the worksite and our yard
  • Ease of accessibility to worksite (do special conditions need to be considered)
  • Our current workload

We’d be happy to give you an estimate for your property – call us!

Serving Homeowners in Ozaukee County

We’re located in Grafton, Wisconsin. Our primary service area for gravel driveway installs is Ozaukee County, including Mequon, Thiensville, Cedarburg, Grafton, Saukville, Port Washington, and the surrounding areas. However, we’re happy to quote jobs in Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Washington County as well. Give us a call to learn more about costs in your area.