Benefits of a Gravel Driveway

Gravel is definitely an underestimated surfacing material. Beyond the obvious of it being extremely cost efficient, there are many benefits to having a gravel driveway

  • Like we already mentioned, compared to other paving options, gravel is extremely economical. The material itself is very low cost, and installation is easy making it a great cheaper alternative.
  • Gravel is more environmentally friendly. Because it is not a large slab, the small rocks allow for rain and sun to still permeate the ground beneath it. Gravel can also be made with recycled rock, making it a more sustainable resource.
  • Gravel is as simple as pouring extra rock in a pothole or dip when a fix needs to happen making it extremely low maintenance.
  • Gravel can also be better incorporated into your current landscaping. Because there are many different types of gravel, you have more options to customize your driveway to fit the rest of your landscaping.
  • Gravel isn’t as susceptible to the weather as concrete. Besides some slight displacement from rain, gravel isn’t going to be damaged by sun, heat, or cold, making gravel the perfect material for our cold Wisconsin weather!

From quick installation to easy maintenance, gravel is an amazing option for driveways, patios, and parking lots! If you agree that gravel is the best option for your project, contact Masterwork Construction at 414-762-7000!

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