Tips for Gravel Driveway Maintenance

Gravel is a great option for many different types of driveways and parking lots. There are many benefits to a gravel driveway, one being easy maintenance! The best part? A lot of the maintenance can be done by yourself! Here are some tips on keeping your gravel driveway looking and functioning at its best!

  • Raking. Raking helps spread the gravel back out and remove any large debris like leafs and sticks. Raking not only helps your gravel look great, removing debris helps improve the tire traction you get on your gravel surface. A special gravel rack is best to get the most out of raking!
  • Avoid snow plowing. We know that plowing seems like the quickest and easiest solution for removing snow especially in harsh Wisconsin winters, but using a plow can cause damage to your driveway. The best ways to remove snow are a leaf blower if the snow is light enough, a light snow blower, and the best options would be a shovel or rake. Salt can also be used if it’s a light enough layer! When removing snow we recommend leaving about an inch to prevent the gravel from being moved around during removal. While leaving snow on paved surfaces can cause ice, gravel provides a good amount of natural traction that a small layer of snow won’t cause any issues!
  • Spray it down. When you notice an excessive amount of dust coming up when you’re driving down your driveway it’s time to spray it down! Gravel is, obviously, dirt and rocks and over time that can turn to dust. Simply take your garden hose and spray it down to add weight and rinse any dirt and dust away! 
  • Get potholes filled by a professional. We know it seems easy to just throw some extra gravel in a pot hole and “fill” it, but without proper packing it can cause structural issues to your gravel surface. While a lot of maintenance can be done yourself, this is something we recommend letting a professional handle!
  • Go slow. When driving on a gravel driveway or parking lot it is important to take it slow. This is to maintain your driveway as well as for safety. Gravel has amazing natural traction, however it is best to take care to prevent any accidents or property damage. 

A gravel driveway will last many years when properly maintained, and maintenance is infrequent and easy! There are many unique ways to change up and customize your gravel to match your home aesthetic. We’d love to talk with you to make your gravel driveway last for many years to come! Contact Masterwork Construction today for more information on gravel driveways!