Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Construction Contractor

Choosing a contractor isn’t as picking the first one that comes across your internet search. You want to make sure you’ll be a great match for each other and that they are the best option available. Here are some questions to ask and tips for making sure you find the best contractor for your project!

  1. Look at previous work. This goes for any contractor whether it’s earthwork, asphalt, or home improvement. No matter what you’re building or renovating, always check previous projects! This could be pictures, reviews (don’t always trust reviews published on a companies website, use third party websites as well!), and peer references! 
  2. Ask for referrals. Talk to friends, family, and other local businesses who they have used and loved in the past. Asking those around you is the best way to learn who is professional, good at their trade, and trustworthy! 
  3. Get Multiple Quotes. Always get different quotes to make sure you’re actually getting the best deal, but remember the cheapest quote ISN’T always the best deal! After you have your quotes, make sure to consider all the different factors like experience, customer service, and price before deciding on your contractor! 
  4. Take Note of Customer Service. This is something that is often overlooked but can make or break your experience. Pay attention to how you are treated throughout your consultation and quote. You want to make sure you’re getting prompt and professional service. That doesn’t mean you should expect to get a call back within 10 minutes of leaving a message, but you also shouldn’t feel forgotten. You also want to be treated with respect. You will be working closely with your contractor so you should be comfortable with them!
  5. Ask for proof of licensing and insurance. This is incredibly important. A professional contractor will be able to provide this without hesitation. Never hire any professional that isn’t able to show proof of these things. 
  6. Meet Face to Face if Possible. While you will be conducting phone “interviews” with various contractors, meeting face to face is the best way to determine if you and your contractor will mesh well together throughout your project. It is a lot easier to put on a facade over the phone, but meeting face to face will help determine if someone is truly the right fit. 

When it comes to earth work services, it is imperative that you hire someone who is experienced and professional for many reasons including longevity, quality, and most importantly safety. Accidents happen all the time when proper precautions are not in place. Doing your research before choosing your earthwork contractor will make sure that your project is done well, in a timely manner, and with safety in mind! If you’re taking bids for gravel installation, asphalt removal, excavation, or site prep, check out Masterwork Construction! Contact us today for more information and a free quote on any of our services!