Professional Earthwork Services in Ozaukee County

Masterwork Construction provides a range of earthwork services. If you’re not familiar with earthwork, you might be asking what does that even mean? 

The term “Earthwork Services” covers a range of things including, but not limited to gravel driveways, general and mass excavation services, grading services, stormwater utilities, mechanical demolition, pond work, and roadway construction. Each area of these services covers a range of sub services. Here is a little information about each:

Gravel Driveway Services:

Masterwork Construction specializes in gravel installation for residential driveways and parking lots. We can install new, convert asphalt or concrete pavement to gravel, or top off current gravel. Gravel is a very cost effective solution for your driveway or parking lot, and is also very affordable to repair and maintain. 

New gravel driveway installation process:

  1. Strip the vegetation and topsoil
  2. Excavate to a stable subgrade
  3. Install a base coarse gravel
  4. Install a top coat of gravel (top coats can be specialized to the project’s needs)

Existing gravel driveway maintenance:

  1. Strip off the delirious materials (leaves, mud, garbage, etc.) to expose a stable aggregate base
  2. Resurface depending on project needs (2-6” of new materials is typical for resurfacing gravel driveways)

General and Mass Excavation Services:

Masterwork Construction has a full team of experienced excavation specialists. These services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Commercial Frost Footings
  • Pond Dig Out
  • Underground Parking
  • Undercutting Subgrade
  • Residential Basement Excavation
  • Mass Job Site Excavation

Professional Grading Services:

Masterwork Construction can grade your land and return it all back to the way it was before or make it even better than before the work began. Grading means prepping and basically sculpting your land for specific needs of a project. This ensures your land is in compliance with zoning regulations and restrictions, ensures proper drainage, and allows for change and control over the aesthetics of your property. Types of areas you may want to consider grading services for include, but are not limited to public and private roadways, parking lots, driveways, athletic fields, golf courses, residential lots, and new development properties. 

Stormwater Utility Services:

Masterwork Construction offers a range of services surrounding your stormwater utilities. Main stormwater utility services our professional contractors provide:

  • Install, repair and/or replace storm sewer piping
  • Install, repair and/ or replace catch basins
  • Install, repair and/or replace french drains
  • Install, repair and/or replace high capacity underground water retention systems
  • Drywells 
  • Downspouts 

Mechanical Demolition Services:

When you think of demolition, you think of destruction and mess. And while this is true and happens in the process, Masterwork Construction’s professional contractors take pride in doing mechanical demolition in the most efficient and clean way possible. We provide these services for land clearing, asphalt and concrete pavement removal, topsoil stripping, custom crushing, and pavement recycling. We are your best choice for a smooth and clean demolition process. 

Pond Installation, Repair or Replacement:

Ponds are not always an easy feat, but we have you covered. Masterwork Construction provides the ultimate specialty services when it comes to pond work. Whether your pond is too big or too small, has too much water or doesn’t hold on to enough water, or it’s been neglected and overgrown for far too long, we have the solutions. We can make your pond look and function the way you want it to. Or if you’re just done with it and want the pond removed completely.. We can also help you with that. 

New Roadway Construction:

Need a new road somewhere a road doesn’t currently exist? Masterwork Construction is your solution.  We have the most skilled and experienced contractors able to help you plan and design, execute the plan within zoning requirements, and leave the finished project as a clean, aesthetically pleasing final product. 

Contact Masterwork Construction with any questions about any of these services today!