Benefits of Gravel Driveways

Gravel generally has a bad reputation when it comes to driveway and gravel mediums. There are many different options such as asphalt, blacktop, concrete, pavers, dirt and gravel. Picking the right surface material can be a difficult decision, but when making that decision, don’t count gravel out! There are many benefits of gravel and here are some of the most notable benefits of gravel!

  1. Gravel driveways and parking lots can last decades if well maintained! At Masterwork, we recommend grading, adding more gravel, and weed control every two years, as well as spot repairs in between should they come up. 
  2. Using gravel is more economical. Despite more frequent maintenance, gravel is significantly cheaper than asphalt or concrete. Gravel saves you money on material, labor, and repairs making it the best choice for your driveway or parking lot! 
  3. Gravel is much better for the earth! When concrete is poured, it shifts the ecosystem around it by removing the most fertile layer of dirt as well as making it impossible for rain to properly drain causing soil erosion, flooding, and water pollution. Gravel allows water, sun, and air to flow freely and only requires a small layer of dirt to be removed causing little to no changes to the climate surrounding it!
  4. Installing or repairing gravel takes a fraction of the time that it takes for asphalt or concrete. Laying gravel involves creating a path, removing the topsoil, leveling the dirt underneath, laying the gravel, and leveling again! Depending on the size of the project, gravel could be installed in under a day. 
  5. Unlike asphalt or concrete, you can choose a gravel that complements the exterior of your home as well as your landscaping! With gravel, you have different choices for shape, size, and color of the rock you’d like installed!
  6. You can also do some minor maintenance on your own with a gravel driveway! Things like raking and re-edging are little repairs you can do yourself with little effort!

Gravel has many benefits, but like anything else there are some other factors to consider. 

  1. When it comes to snow removal you need to take extra consideration if/when hiring a professional snow removal company. Do extra research to ensure the company you choose has experience and the correct equipment to manage gravel driveways to prevent damage. If you choose to remove snow on your own, a snow blower or even leaf blower for lighter snowfalls. 
  2. Ruts can form in heavy traffic areas like parking spots and turnarounds. These can be easily fixed by filling in and raking the areas they form. 
  3. Gravel can cause damage to the underside of vehicles if great care isn’t taken. It is extremely important to drive slowly  and cautiously on gravel to prevent any damage.
  4. Gravel gets extremely muddy after rain. Keeping ruts and potholes filled in will prevent large puddles causing more mud.

If you’re still not convinced that gravel is a valid choice for your driveway or parking lot, contact Masterwork Construction in Grafton, Wisconsin today for more information on all of our earthwork services and a free quote!